Silver Linings Playbook

My boyfriend and I just recently finished watching Silver Linings Playbook. (I know, I’m a bit late on it). It has been high critically acclaimed, has football, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence, & Bradley Cooper. Not a bad combo at all. All in all, I thought it was great.

But I do have an issue or two with it.

Bradley Cooper’s character, Pat, gets sent to a mental hospital. We find out that he is bipolar and we find out that he found his wife cheating while listening to their wedding song. He gets in trouble for beating up the guy who is fucking his wife. This bald-headed jerk-off also has the nerve to say “You should go” to Pat….in Pat’s own house.

So here’s the thing.

1. Who the fuck would have the nerve to say that? Like, honestly…really? I don’t even know what the writers were thinking that. That’s just extremely far-fetched and completely unrealistic.

2. This is my big issue. It’s an issue with society. I don’t believe in violence at all. However, how is Pat in trouble? Someone was in HIS house fucking HIS wife. Although it was the wives decision to indulge in adultery, let’s be totally fucking real here. What would you do? Is he just supposed to sit there and take it? I don’t think many people would just stand there and not do anything. But because his character is bipolar it’s seen as an insane act, when in reality it is probably the MOST sane thing Pat has done. In an act of love and betrayal he took to physical action. It was based on primal instinct that in that moment he had to protect the thing he loved and cherished most.

I think it upset me most because it is a reflection of our current society. As a society we will condemn someone for doing things we think are wrong, but we know if we were put in the same situation, we’d do the same. People are so quick to point and judge. If we all would take a step back and realise the things we do and say compared to the things we shun, we would all find that they’re the same and we’re only shunning ourselves. We’re shunning ourselves without knowing it and we’re holding ourselves back with negativity.

This negativity we create as a society creates more trouble for us as individuals and we can see that in Pat. Maybe he has always been bipolar or maybe constant negativity from the world made him that way only to slap him in the face later for actions he took that society would’ve taken as well.

That’s my rant on Silver Linings Playbook. It was great. I loved it. But it just got me thinking…

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The Carb Nite Experience

***posted this on my tumblr, but I would really like some advice and opinions***
So I started Carb Nite two Fridays ago. I decided to do my first official Carb Nite on July 4th, cutting my reorientation by 3 days. Keifer did talk on his video blogs about being able to cut reorientation by 3 days if you work out intensely, and boy have I. However, I still feel a bit full and less lean since the carb nite. I may have done it wrong. I only had one meal. Granted, it was kinda big. Two full plates of sushi and chocolate ice cream. I probably should’ve spaced them apart. But I just couldn’t stay up after. I immediately knocked out. No fireworks. No nothing. Straight to bed.

My next Carb Nite is going to be on Saturday. I’m going down to Baton Rouge to visit my boyfriend who is there for work. There is a USA soccer game on that day. I’ll probably start around 3 or 4 pm and do it right this time. 

My fat and protein days are not an issue. I’m pretty damn good about them. Maybe I’m just jumping the gun. I’ve only had one carb nite and it wasn’t to its fullest potential. So I’m going to see how this goes for the next month or so before I switch it out for something else. I really need to get rid of this stubborn fat I’ve got here. I’m so close. So close.

Idea? Opinions? Advice?

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30 is Not the new 20

Saw this video today and I thought it was so great. Found it during my break on coding a website for school and I think all my peers should see it. Get on the ball people! :)


Who is Monica? What does she like? What makes her mad? At the current moment, I am greatly enjoying the contrast of the trees against the overcast night sky. I’m also a bit upset with myself. Ever so often I realize I’ve gone into a zombie mode. Like a great night of excessive drinking: a blur, you know you’ve had a good time, but what happened? I haven’t stopped to really enjoy a moment in a while. I just did that for the first time in a long time. I took in my surroundings after a wild rain storm, took a deep sigh, and was perfectly content.

Its no one’s fault but my own really. I purposely do this to myself. This is my Renaissance….well more like my 3rd or 4th. The Renaissance comes in the middle of some serious alone time. Alone time that I was scared of. I’ve been running from myself. My boyfriend is out of town back and forth training for work for the next month and our roommate is in D.C. until the end of the summer for an internship.

A girl, in a new town, by herself. This should be good. The first two weeks I was alone I did the normal routine and on weekends stayed home. I’ve realized I haven’t done things on my own for a while. Things like go to the park, catch a movie, etc. I am perfectly capable of doing my own groceries and laundry, but going out by ones self is a whole different ball game. I see this as a golden opportunity to try things on my own. Not to say that I don’t love doing things with my boyfriend, because frankly, we’re addicted to doing things together. There’s a sense of adventure when we go out. We love to share experiences and moments. I love that. But this is about me. The thought of going out to dinner alone is a scary one, but a necessary experience. If I cannot have dinner by myself, how can I have dinner with anyone?

I was gonna say that I am at the awkward age of 24, but then realized that all age groups are awkward. In your teens you’re in the stage of not being a child but not being an adult. In your twenties you’re an adult but the looming responsibility of life doesn’t really sit too well with you yet and I find a lot of my friends terrified of 30. As if 30 is a review of your life so far. Do they really think that on your 30 birthday someone is going to bring out a book of all your accomplishments and mishaps and give you a pass or fail grade? I welcome 30 (even if I am 6 years away) and all other ages. I am very interested to see where my life will take me in all aspects: finances, experience, career, emotions, and love. I can only say this much because well, I’m only 24. But what I do know is my Aunt’s voice is ringing loud an clear in my mind with “you are going to go through phases and the things you like will change.” Boy, have they.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my great awakening moments happen when I have the time and space for them. Is it coincidence or the mathematical genius of the universe? Having gotten much older and losing all the fairy tale sparkle, I’m going with the latter.

That’s one thing I know about me for sure. As I’ve gotten older the dreamlike Pisces has become a tad more realistic. Fairy tales aren’t so intriguing. By fairy tales I mean the Disney kind and the religious kind. The mysterious of the universe are far more interesting.

Well it seems like we’re having a break through right now! Finally really thinking and admitting my loss of belief in religion. I know I lost it a long time ago. I don’t know when or where. It just never seemed to click with me. Yes I did the whole Catholic thing, but I soon came to realize it was all my parents, not me. A flaw which I find in society today: forcing your children to believe what you believe. Their minds are so young and fragile to be filled with such fear and responsibility. Let them be free of such nonsense and let their imagination run wild.

This next month and a half will find itself filled with lots of new discoveries and experiences. Things I plan to hold on to and remember until my next Renaissance….which should happen in about 5-6 years.

Renaissance #?

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Social norms are a necessary part of social life. They are the unspoken rule of human interaction and communication. The norms are necessary so that everyone can get along and for society to progress. These rules keep a chaotic world in some sort of order. Social norms usually allow enough of safety net for the majority of your social circle and culture to work and interact harmoniously. Once you exit your social circle the norms change. Say for instance between social norms in different countries. If you are entering a completely different social norm from yours it is best to try and research their social norms. That in itself is an international social norm. The balance of society, and in nature, lies on the unspoken understanding of each other: humans, planet, and animals.

Just a snippet from my social norms observation experiment for school.

Social Norms

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Online Disinhibition Theory

This month I’ve been taking a class called Media & Society. I’ve really enjoyed it because it has explained and let me explore most of the major theories in mass media & communication. In this post I am going to appropriately talk about the Online Disinhibition Theory. Why do I say appropriately? Well that’s because this theory is the idea that there is a “loosening of social restrictions and inhibitions that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction during interactions with others on the Internet.” (wikipedia) If you’re viewing this post, then the chances of your experiencing this are extremely high. Most people will experience a sense of freedom when communicating from their computer. This feeling of freedom leads to people not filtering themselves, ironically enough because they have the option of proof-reading and editing before submitting a post. Also, now on facebook you find the option of editing your post AFTER your post. Even with these factors, I find this theory to still be extremely relevant with our audiences today. In my personal experience, I have seen this theory played out many times on facebook threads concerning popular and controversial topics.

I think Online Disinhibition can be really great. People feel a little bit safer to be themselves. Anytime you feel free to be you is a great time. However, at times it can be problematic. In many instances people will say things that maybe they shouldn’t because they are able to “hide” behind their computer screen. Some live their lives through their online persona.

The Online Disinhibition Theory is structured on six concepts:

  • You don’t know me – This is the part that provides a sense of protection from people. It allows people to move about with ease on the internet.
  • You can’t see me – Another piece that helps people feel protected. You can’t see what their facial expressions are and this can lead to a lot of misinterpretation.
  • See you later – You don’t have to finish a conversation you are having online because they aren’t happening in real time. This leads to disinhibition because you can think about what you’re going to say and come back to it later.
  • It’s all in my head – This is the part where you apply characteristics to the person(s) you are interacting with. Because of the lack of face-to-face contact it is very easy to give characteristics to a person which they do not poses.
  • It’s just a game – Here is the part where people say things that they normally would not. It is a theory by Emily Finch “that people see cyberspace as a game.” Emily Finch is a criminal lawyer studying identity theft in cyberspace.
  • We’re equals – Depending on the platform, many times you don’t know the other user and really don’t know who they are. This causes a lack of hierarchy. This does help people to be more open. If the person you are talking to is a police officer and you don’t know it you’re still going to write what you want. If it was face-to-face it would most likely be a different interaction.


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Its’ aliveeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Well WordPress world, I have returned. It’s been one week since we’ve come to Nashville and I really love it here. It still hasn’t hit me that I’m living here. Maybe once we get our own place it will be more official. We have many job prospects that we’re looking at this week and I had 3 interviews last week. Also beginning diet and workout regiment tomorrow. Already went food shopping and have a workout plan for tomorrow. School has also started and I’m already swamped. So the new year has come with lots of good things and has kept me busy. 

I’m really excited to get a job already mostly for two reasons: an apartment and going back to crossfit. I REALLY miss crossfit. My workouts are going to mostly consists of cardio, bodyweight, and whatever I can do with the two 15#dumbells Javi brought up. But I gotta start back up somewhere, and I think cardio is the best place to start. I have my eye on a box already and have been following up on their workouts since before I moved and I really like the look and feel of this one. 

Dieting is returning to usual. General pale guidelines. Perhaps some Special K cereal here and there and maybe a tuna melt or two. When I first lost a lot of weight doing cardio I was doing already with the Special K cereal and the tuna melts. I did buy bacon, but since I’m not going to be doing too much weight I’m going to keep it limited. It’ll mostly be included in the breakfast meals, but here in there with asparagus and maybe in a salad. Tryin’ to get this ish right. ;)

Anywho, any local Nashvillians with tips or job openings let me know! :)


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Fear not!


WordPress, my love, I have not abandoned you. I have returned. Things have been a little crazy. I have NOT kept up with Whole 30 or Crossfit. I just can’t right now. We’re moving, yes moving, to Nashville at the end of the month and things are a little crazy. (Plus I need to save) 

So, cats outta the bag: Nasvhille. I am beyond excited. We’ve been talking about this for a while now and feel that right now is the best time to do it. If not now, then when?

In our usual fashion, we’re going with a bang. December is full of lots of birthdays, holidays, and joyous events. 

  • 12/15 – Noni’s 80s Parrt
  • 12/16 – Lunch with Javi’s family 
  • 12/19 – Company Lunch and Gift Exchange
  • 12/20 – Company Holiday Party
  • 12/21 – TENTATIVE: Happy Hour Bar Hopping
  • 12/22 – Farewell BBQ & Tessie’s Birthday
  • 12/24 – Noche Buena!
  • 12/25 – Christmas
  • 12/27 – Last day at kabookaboo
  • 12/28 – Toodaloo Miami!

As you can see, we’re really jammed for the rest of the year. But I really just can’t wait to go. New beginnings, new year, new city. Yeehaw! ;)

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Officially one week in. It’s Day 7. Yesterday (Day 6) I had all the intentions in the world of making it to crossfit, however, my car did not. It decided it was time to overheat. This little gal never made it to crossfit. 

I wasn’t really hungry when I got home so I just made some steaks. Stayed home, did some homework, watched some Dexter.

Today I had a breakfast muffin and we had a thanksgiving lunch. I was great during lunch. Turkey, green beans, broccoli. But then….the pumpkin cheesecake bars came out. And you know what….I had a spoonful…yeah I did. I’m gonna keep one with Whole 30, I’m not gonna cry over it, and I’m gonna double WOD today. Life goes on….and that was probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever had in my life.

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So I’m taking a class called Intellectual Property Law. Its all about copyrighting and all that jazz. First discussion I posted today. It was to talk about the pros and cons of the property laws. Here’s what I wrote:


For me, there is no grey area between industrial and non-industrial. There is a distinct difference between the two and they should not be mixed up.  As stated in the article Copyright, companies, individuals, and news: the rules of the road by Cory Doctrow in theguardian there are many levels of using other people’s works, however, for me the meanings have always been clear on the usage of those works. I agree with the article on many points including:

  • “All rights reserved” does not cover use in a commentary or a report
  • Incidental use
  • The differences between commercial and non-commercial

There are many benefits to having rules of copyright. As an artist, you want to keep track of your work and make sure no one is stealing your ideas and calling them their own. Your work and ideas are personal. It’s an experience for you. When someone takes these from you and poses them as their own its disrespectful, wrong, and gives a feeling of invasion. Your ideas and work become your belongings. Just like anything you own, you need to protect it so it’s not stolen. These laws help keep what is yours, yours.

The downside is many people are so over bearing of their work that it’s very difficult for the world to share and enjoy. I believe this is a result of the technological era that we live in.  As stated in the article, there are many ways to make copies of things visible on the Internet. However, those who are extremely protective of their work attack those who are using it in a non-commercial manner simply because they didn’t ask permission. The laws create the grey area and limit the use of the information.

Information should be free, to people. Rules are needed to regulate the commercial side and those individuals who claim other’s ideas as their own. But we shouldn’t be scared to share ideas that we find inspiring and interesting as long as we give credit.


Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? 

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